7 food products we didn’t know are actually toxic – Health and Food


When we’re feeling peckish, we want to eat as much as possible as soon as possible. Often, we just grab a bag of crisps or make ourselves a nice sandwich with lettuce and tomato. We don’t always think about what we eat, but it might be smart to start doing that from now on…

You can’t just eat these food products willy nilly.


There are a lot of different mushrooms out there and you have probably been told as a child that you can’t eat all of them. The red one with white spots, for example, is definitely inedible. But there are many more toxic types of mushroom. The mushrooms you can find in the supermarket are safe, but if you head out into nature to look for mushrooms you have to be very careful.


When we make rhubarb compote, we cut off the leaves and that is just as well. You can eat the stalk perfectly fine, but rhubarb leaves are definitely toxic.


You don’t need to ban tomatoes from your life altogether. In fact, the tomato itself isn’t toxic, but the stalk and the leaves contain a toxin that can cause cramps and intense stomach pain. So, always remove the little crown from the tomato before eating it.

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