Care of fruit trees, vines, berry bushes

After the fruit has been harvested and the leaves have fallen, fall is the right time for effective long-term preventive care.

Whitewashing the trunks and carpenters of fruit trees, watering after the fall of the leaves of the vine and the entire foliage of the fruit trees are essential measures to ensure the health and balance of the vegetative apparatus.

There are three mixtures with different purposes, the consistency of which varies according to use:

  1. The thick lime for the trunk and carpenters, with a brush
  2. The more liquid spray coating
  3. The thick plaster for healing pruning wounds


  • cow manure, without straw
  • pre-dissolve clay (kaolin) in water to make a kind of pancake batter
  • whey or skimmed milk

You can add horsetail decoction, various minerals (ash, lithothamne, basalt, potassium permanganate) to combat mosses and lichens.

This article is taken from the book “Practical Guide to Biodynamic Agriculture” by Pierre Masson.