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Most people throw bread clips away once the bread has been eaten. But that’s actually a very stupid thing to do. They are useful for so many purposes and really make life easier if you learn how to use them properly.
I, for one, will never throw these useful little things away anymore!

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Tape marker

Tape is sooooo annoying to work with. We all know these issues. The tape always has a way of getting itself in the wrong position and if that doesn’t happen we lose the tape’s end and spend way too much time searching for it. To make things worse, these issues always tend to happen when we really need the tape and are in a rush to get work done. But did you know that bread clips can be the cure to all these problems? Simply attach a bread clip to the end of the tape and voila, the tape is now way easier to work with. What an easy way to make use of bread clips!


Bread clips can also serve as bookmarks. Just try them out! They might not look as nice as a proper bookmark, but they get the job done just as good! Searching for the right page because there was no bookmark nearby is a thing of the past. Simply slide the opening of the clip over the page and you are done. If you do it right, the clip won´t fall off and you can easily continue reading.

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