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Let’s be honest, food that’s rich in sugar is simply delicious. That’s why cutting sugar from our diets entirely is definitely not for us. But if you’re experiencing one of these signals, you might want to reduce your sugar intake a little bit.

Sugar is delicious, but it’s not very good for you.


Although sugar isn’t very good for our bodies, it does make our food taste a lot better. That’s why sugar is used in a great many food products, even foods you might not expect like pasta sauce, meat products and a slice of bread. If you eat too many of these types of products, it can affect your body in a negative way. Here are six symptoms you might start to notice in your body.

1. Brain fog

Brain fog is (it’s in the name) something that feels like fog in your brain. The fog can cause you to have trouble focusing, concentrating and remembering things. This is because sugar causes your blood sugar levels to fluctuate, which results in brain fog or confusion.

2. Headache

Your blood sugar levels rising causes the blood vessels in your brain to tighten. This can cause you to develop a headache. Eating less sugar can eventually mean you’ll suffer from headaches less often.

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