Vegetable garden: Growing mini vegetables

Mini Eggplant ‘Bambino’ (left) and Mini Cucumber (right). To discover on

Mini vegetables are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchens of great chefs. Why ? They’re so pretty on the plates… but not alone! The importance of these mini vegetables is twofold: their aesthetics, but also their taste. Indeed, miniature vegetables offer a crunchy texture and a particularly remarkable taste finesse. Another big advantage is that the types of mini vegetables are generally very suitable for small spaces, for growing in pots or planters.

Mini vegetables: conquer the vegetable gardens and your aperitifs!

To accompany refined dishes or to enhance a gourmet aperitif, mini vegetables are a “must”! Not only appreciated by chefs and gourmets, miniature vegetables also offer the gardener undeniable qualities and above all a very interesting growth rate. Mini vegetables are often early varieties and therefore only need a few weeks of cultivation between sowing and harvesting.

Discover our range of Mini Vegetable Seeds!

To allow gardeners to grow miniature varieties in their own vegetable garden. We chose to create the “Mini-Vegetables” seed pod. It is an excellent gift idea for a curious gardener and a lover of originality, who wants to think outside the box of the “classic vegetable garden” and surprise his friends with surprising harvests!

The range includes 10 sachets of reproducible and untreated seeds of miniature vegetable varieties, ten “cocktail” varieties par excellence including candied cucumber, ‘Ronde de Paris’ carrot, currant tomato, ‘Bambino’ aubergine, Chioggia beetroot, Greek basil, ‘Petit de Paris ‘ pickle, ‘Jack be Little’ squash or corn-strawberry.