Vermicomposting: Make compost in your kitchen!

Do you live in an apartment and do you have no garden? Would you like to be able to make your own compost? This can be done very well on a balcony and even in your kitchen thanks to the vermicomposting technique… and don’t worry, it’s clean and odorless!

What exactly is vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting, also known as “vermicomposting”, is a technique that allows you to make your own compost indoors, all odorless thanks to worms! In addition, vermicompost will also produce a liquid fertilizer (“compost tea”) that is very rich in nitrogen, which you can use to stimulate the growth of your plants.

Adopt a vermicomposter at home!

There are many different containers for vermicomposting. They can be made of wood, plastic… with a more or less stylish and chic look, depending on the manufacturer:

Generally composed of a superposition of bins, they allow the gradual breakdown of waste. The compost thus obtained is used by simply scattering it over the crops. It can also be mixed directly with potting soil to repot houseplants. The vermicomposters are also equipped with a small tap to recover the compost juice used as liquid fertilizer for your plants.

To know that it is advisable to populate your vermicomposter with composting worms that take the best care of the digestion of your peels and leftover greenery, unlike the worms in our gardens that feed on humus already broken down by the microfauna of the bottom.