What Dietitians And Cardiologists Say About Them – Health and Food


We’ve grown up listening to people saying “you are what you eat” especially when they come across people who are fans of indulging in junk and all that greasy food they shouldn’t be indulging in. However, not too many people truly understand how serious this statement is. What you put on your plate every day will determine how healthy you will be, especially your heart health. Foods that are good for your heart are packed with nutrients that will help you reduce your chances of getting the existing heart conditions. Such foods lower your blood triglycerides and also reduce your body’s LDL/ bad cholesterol while at the same time reducing your body’s blood pressure. Such foods also improve your sensitivity to insulin. That said, there are also those foods that you might want to stay away from if you are trying to keep a healthy heart. They include:

Processed Deli Meats

According to experts, you should stay away from deli meats for a good number of reasons. Many people who are keen on watching diets and nutrition in general claim that even deli meats that have lower fat are still harmful as they contain some sodium nitrate which is known to promote internal inflammation of your body. This is the same inflammation that is known to cause atherosclerosis.


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