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If your WiFi signal is weak, this can be a reason for much frustration. It’s annoying when you’re trying to find something on the internet, download pictures or stream a movie only to realise your internet is too slow to do so. You could buy a WiFi extender, but these can be quite expensive. And why would you, when making one yourself is cheap and easy to do!

There’s no need to buy a ridiculously expensive WiFi booster.


Since WiFi is available pretty much anywhere, we can be online 24/7. We’re so used to having internet available to us, we can become quite frustrated when it’s slow or if it doesn’t reach to all the corners of our house. We don’t like waiting while loading webpages or videos, so good WiFi has become indispensable to us. So, it’s all the more frustrating when our WiFi at home isn’t as fast as it should be.

Slow WiFi

Back in the day, people called putting up wallpaper together the ultimate test for a relationship, but this isn’t as relevant anymore in 2017 as it was then. Want to see someone’s deepest, darkest self? Watch them try to work with a bad and slow internet connection. Everyone who spends every day working on a computer knows who frustrating slow internet can be. Luckily, there’s a very simple way to fix it!

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