May Berry Greek Yogurt

You know the mei berry, one of the first small fruits of spring? It is the fruit of a small hardy shrub native to Siberia, also known as haskap or edible honeysuckle. Discover our easy and quick dessert recipe to make with your harvest!

The harvest of the famous berries:

As the name suggests, the berries are harvested from May, when the small, 1 to 2 cm elongated berries turn blue. They are perfectly edible and have a sour taste similar to blueberries. Their pulpit is red in color. They can be eaten raw, dried or cooked. A small fruit still unknown to us that is worth testing.

May berry harvest – Photo: Rexania

A simple and quick dessert: Greek yogurt with mei berry

May berries are even a delicious accompaniment to yogurt, they add a spicy note and a good dose of vitamins. To make our recipe we need: Greek vanilla yogurt, a handful of May berries.

  1. First, pour your Greek yogurt into a cup.
  2. Wash your may berries and cut a few may berries into small rounds and mash them with a fork.
  3. Then mix them with your yogurt. You then get a beautiful red color that not only gives taste, but also gives a beautiful red color.
  4. Add some whole mayberries and mix everything together.

Tastes good !

Greek yogurt with mei berry – Photo: Rexania

Do you want to plant mayberries in your garden? For more information, read our article: May berries, an unknown fruit to plant in your garden.

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