Poisonous Plants: Precautions to Take

It is common to confuse a poisonous species with another non-toxic species, thereby poisoning yourself by thinking of eating a plant that you think is not harmful. This is the case, for example, with wild garlic, often confused with colchicum. The latter is a cardiotoxic species that can cause very serious reactions.

Some hikers often think that they can safely eat certain plants that they encounter along the way and that they think they know. However, it seems essential to photograph and inform your tufts before consuming the species found in nature, and most importantly to stop consuming them immediately if the taste seems unusual. It is still advisable to avoid any consumption of plants found on unknown grounds. Therefore, for your own consumption, give preference to plants that you have sown in your vegetable garden yourself, because wild plants can be really dangerous. So it’s time for prevention, especially with regard to the youngest!