Recipe: Hollywood whipped cream from Chef Vincent Chartier

Do you know Argentine verbena? It is a great edible plant whose taste is surprisingly reminiscent of the taste of a famous Hollywood green gum! Chef Vincent Chartier was allowed to taste it and imagined a colorful and tasty dessert. He shares with us his unique recipe for his “Hollywood whipped cream”!

The recipe for Chantilly Hollywood:

Let 1 liter of cream (35% fat) infuse for 20-30 minutes at 60°C and then add 25-30 verbena gum leaves to the cream. Then mix the preparation and pass everything through a sieve. Then pour your preparation over the white chocolate (250g) and add the sugar (50g) by lifting it with a spatula. Then let it rest in the fridge for 2 hours before whipping your Hollywood cream into whipped cream.

Chef Vincent Chartier recommends pairing Hollywood whipped cream with an assortment of small red fruits (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, currants, etc.) or with poached peaches or nectarines. Finally, for a summery floral touch, decorate this dessert with a few edible leaves and flowers, such as those of the Mexican Agastache.

Whipped cream made from Verbena Chewing Gum. A dessert created by Vincent Chartier!
Vincent Chartier is the chef of the Lotel restaurant in Oberhaslach, about 40 kilometers west of Strasbourg. He joined the family business in 2012, after working in prestigious restaurants in the region, including the Crocodile in Strasbourg. Today he offers market cuisine, refined with local and seasonal products!

If you haven’t already had the chance to taste the refined and instinctive cuisine of Chef Vincent Chartier, I recommend his establishment! The address is appreciated by gourmets, do not forget to book your table in advance!

Lotel – 24 rue de Molsheim – 67280 Oberhaslach – 03 88 50 99 60