Tempura Plante Fromage by Vincent Chartier

Have you ever had the chance to taste the famous leaves of the cheese plant? As the name suggests, this plant has an incredible taste of well-ripened camembert, something unique in the plant world! If you want to surprise your guests with this “vegetable cheese”, why not make an atypical starter? Chef Vincent Chartier comes up with a sublime and tasty recipe with Japanese influences. This recipe is made in two steps, first by preparing a “cheesy whipped cream” that will accompany the Tempura which will later be prepared and served with roasted cherries!

Step 1 – Chantilly cheese, without cheese:

Put 1 liter of cream, 8 to 10 leaves of the cheese plant in a pan and season your preparation with salt, pepper and Espelette pepper. Heat your preparation at 60-70°C for 20 to 30 minutes to let it steep. Then pour everything through a sieve and put it in a siphon. Do not forget to gas twice before placing the siphon in the refrigerator. Keep this whipped cream in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

Step 2 – The Leaves of the Tempura Cheese Plant:

Mix 50 grams of flour with 50 grams of cornflour and season to taste. Then loosen your preparation with beer and milk, until you get the consistency of donut dough. Dip the leaves in the Tempura batter and then bake them at 180°C for about 2 minutes.

Serve the tempura on a plate or in a verrine, combine it with the previously prepared “cheese whipped cream” and sprinkle the plate with cherries roasted in butter.

Vincent Chartier is the chef of the Lotel restaurant in Oberhaslach, about 40 kilometers west of Strasbourg. He joined the family business in 2012, after working in prestigious restaurants in the region, including the Crocodile in Strasbourg. Today he offers market cuisine, refined with local and seasonal products!

If you haven’t already had the chance to taste the refined and instinctive cuisine of Chef Vincent Chartier, I recommend his establishment! The address is appreciated by gourmets, do not forget to book your table in advance!