Tips: Storing potatoes

Are you looking for an effective solution to prevent your potatoes from sprouting too quickly? You’ve come to the right place to discover our tips to keep them good.

Good potato storage!

Indeed, it is absolutely necessary to store your potatoes in a dark and cool place (about 10°), usually in a cellar. Indeed, light and heat will speed up the process of sprouting, softening or rotting your potatoes. So to avoid the heat, we think we can keep them in your fridge. However, this idea is not the right one because our sweet potatoes are rich in starch and secrete these toxins because of the cold. The best place is therefore the cellar. It is also important to keep them in a container that allows air to circulate, such as a crate, net, burlap sack or wicker basket. Don’t put them in an airtight box or plastic bag or they will rot very quickly because the air doesn’t circulate.

Our grandmothers’ trick, simple and effective!

Another lesser-known but highly effective trick is to slip an apple or two into the net or crate where you keep your potatoes. The apple releases ethylene, a natural gas that prevents too rapid germination. Do you know this trick, do you have any other preservation technique?

Storing potatoes – Photo: Marielle.