What are the mistakes to avoid to preserve your plants?

Watering is one of the most important things when taking care of your plants. Unfortunately, it is often poorly managed. However, as the expression says: ”Not too much!” We therefore advise you to be reasonable with the amount of water when watering your plant, so as not to run the risk of drowning. A small amount of water at regular intervals is better than random and excessive watering. Obviously, the amount of water when watering will depend on the size of your plant, the variety, etc.

To make sure you don’t overwater, stop when the soil is wet, but before it is submerged. You can do this in several stages so that your plant has finished the first part of the water you poured on it. This way the soil absorbs the right amount. Watch out for standing water in the saucer, remember to remove it to prevent mold on the roots of your plants!